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‘Oflac’s Got Talent’ Production lives up to the hype!

On the 27th of October Oflac’s learning difficulties team went into competition with itself, the end result everyone being a winner! Well almost.

A panel of 3 judges observed the event with their hands ready to press the buzzers in front of them! They need not have been so eager, the level displayed was outstanding. In fact the only time the buzzer was used was on one of the Judges, Sean (aka Simon Cowell) and Oflac’s very own coordinator Bobbie, both of whom appeared to have learned to sing in the dressing room just before going on stage! They lasted 21 and 33 seconds respectfully. It was too long.

But the members were fantastic. First up we had the Seven dwarfs, an excellent rendition of a Disney classic. Lacy then bravely read a poem she had wrote called ‘Autumn’ that moved the hall. The third act had Nigel and his co rappers jumping around before the pace was eased somewhat with a mime act of the highest order.

It was at this point one of the Judges Sean decided to interrupt proceedings. No one knows quite what he ‘sang’, but luckily the Seven years dance crew got the event back up and running followed by an equally impressive display by the Ribbon girls.

The 8th act took a new twist as Lee displayed great skill and patience in his Shotokan Karate Kata, Heian Shodan. A performance that later earned him his Oflac yellow belt. Rounding the first half off in great style the Ballet dancers got us all moving.

The second half did not let up on the quality with Rob and Mark S reenacting the classic breakfast scene by the late Morecombe and Wise. The Juggling ventriloquist act was next with Scott taking over to produce one of the best solo dances of the night.

The ‘Money money money’ dance inspired by Abba’s classic hit took centre stage with Hannah starring, after which a break dancing versus robot dance extravaganza wooed all as Piotr once again showed off his ‘windmill’ to great effect.

Mark S then portrayed one of his heroes with ‘My Way’, before the show was temporarily side tracked by Bobbie’s attempt at ‘Don’t rain on my parade’, of which the judges duly did as she was somehow buzzed off 5 times by only 3 judges.

It was at this point the lights dimmed (or not) and in a flash Jack the magician appeared with an act that can only be described as Paul Daniels and Tommy Cooper rolled into one. His side kick and real life partner Susan gave a helping hand as his assistant.

The penultimate act saw the talents of dog trainer Anthony and his willing accomplice Joanne of whom showed us the most realistic portrayal of a dog from someone who is clearly anything but.

The final act of the night was a very well choreographed dance called ’24 carrot gold’.

In confusion as to the stunning standard they had witnessed the judges had no choice but to award everyone as winners of the event.

A big thanks goes out to everyone that came to see ‘Oflac’s got talent’, the members for their hard work and dedication, the staff and volunteers (especially Kayleigh for her help with choreography) for the work and help behind the scenes.

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