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Oflac Video Games Tournament!

On Friday the 21st of July Oflac ran its first video games tournament.

Over the course of 2 hours members had the chance to compete in 4 categories with the aim of holding aloft a trophy, prize and certificate. The competition was fierce and the tension could potentially be compared to the Olympics.

Scott showed some excellent skills in becoming the winner in the 4 player knock out Halo event. Mark S got revenge in the Soul Caliber sword fighting however, beating Scott in a final watched by all. Nigel narrowly beat Mark S in the Sonic the Hedgehog competition, but the star of the show Stacie surprised all by being the fastest on the drag strip in what can only be described as an awe inspiring display of skill.

A big thank you to all staff for helping to run the event and the members for their enthusiasm and great attitude.

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