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Charitable donation from Gemalto

We are pleased to report that our volunteer Sean Hickey has been advised that International digital security Company Gemalto, has chosen to sponsor OFLAC with charitable donations throughout 2016.

Sean explains… 

At the beginning of the year the company I work for told us all that they want to raise money for a charity for the whole of 2016, so they asked us to put forward our suggestions, I decided to put forward OFLAC so I wrote an email to my HR department and the charity committee.

I was told a week ago that along with my proposal, another two charities had been put forward. They have now told us that OFLAC have been successful in being chosen as the registered charity that they will raise money for in 2016.

 Over the course of this year we will be staging events and any money raised will go to OFLAC.

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