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Games Zone 2 a huge success!

On the 1st of September 2017 Games Zone made a reappearance under the inventive name of ‘Games Zone 2’!

Participation was at an all time high as members and a couple of special guests battled it out for the Olympic style medals and prizes on offer. The competition was frantic in an new line up of events barring the very popular Drag Racing.

Last games zone Drag Racing champion Stacie was unable to defend her title but in her absence Lee won gold in both the Drag Racing and Mario Strikers in an epic final against the very impressive Rosie, but only after winning one of the most memorable semi-finals ever likely to be played in any style of football against eventual bronze medalist Mark S with a last minute equalizer at 4-3 down and a golden goal winner. A special mention must also go out to Susan who just missed out on the medals in 4th and Helen who battled her way to the quarter finals!

In the Wii Bowling final Rosie was not to be denied, despite hugely impressive semi-final scores of 221 (An Oflac record!) from Emma and 202 from Piotr, as she stormed to Gold to add to her collection of medals in the competition ahead of Mark S.

On the track Elizabeth showed breath taking skills in CTR (Crash Team Racing) as she mastered the old PS1 classic to defeat all and claim her maiden Gold medal with very fast lap times.

And in the final event one of our special guests Casey stole the show as she mastered the PSP version of Loco Roco.

Other mentions must go to Jo and Lacy for their Bronze medals and Lenny and Nigel who grabbed silvers.

Congratulations to all that competed, and a special thanks to all for the great attitude shown and to all the staff and volunteers that made the event possible.

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