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Providing a social network and learning hub for adults with a learning disability.

We would like to welcome you to Oak Farm Leisure and Activities Club (OFLAC), an organisation providing daycare provision for adults with learning disabilities.

We are based in Samuel Cody Specialist College in Farnborough and our members meet twice a week Mondays and Fridays between 10am-4pm and alternate Wednesdays for our “social” evenings.

For more information please see our contact us page with our contact details and an on-page enquiries form.

Thank you for visiting and check back soon as our site is growing all the time.

What our members think of Oflac

I enjoy the sports, football is my favourite


Member of Oflac

Seeing my friends and doing Bollywood


Member of Oflac

I made new friends and i like all the activities on offer. I don’t care about winning or losing, I just want to take part, that’s all I care about.


Member of Oflac

I like practising for South Hill Park because I get to dance with Lee  and I also  like the parties that we have, Valentines, Halloween, Easter…


Member of Oflac

I love all of it, the staff are brilliant, my friends are brilliant, my girlfriend’s brilliant.


Member of Oflac

I like to meet up with my friends and talk to them…find out what they’ve been up to  and I like dancing and singing. I enjoy it so much.


Member of Oflac